Monday, February 20, 2012

Halcyon days

Y’all, I am 40 today. I am 40, and I am surrounded by more goodness than any high-strung, middle-aged girl has any right to expect from this life. I am not always quite sure how I got here, but I’m damn sure of this: I am right where I belong.

40 things that tell me so:

This sweet, smart guy

The rattling purr of this old, devoted cat

The love these guys have for each other

The love these guys have for their dad

The first week of November

The first week of June

The woman who made me who I am
The love my children have for her

Ben’s curls

Jack’s eyes

Jim’s hands

My funny, loving, fiercely self-assured friends
The people who make my workdays a lot less like work
The joy-induced nervous breakdown my dog has whenever I walk through the door
The garage full of beautiful things my husband is building for people who will truly enjoy them

The bird feeder outside the kitchen window
Black coffee and raisin toast with peanut butter

Stacks of clean laundry
Inside jokes
The way my husband always offers to make me tea when he boils water for his own
Kids who love my music
Kids who also love their own, terrible music

Texts that make me LOL
Hugs that last longer than I expected
The first sip of a really good beer
The screened porch

Mani/pedi/brunch Sundays with the girl gang

Hikes to the quarry

Rain dances

The Fortunes – every single one of them

Our daily commute
Our evening routine
The cul-de-sac full of kids on bikes and scooters and skates
The home we’ve made

The mistakes we’ve made
The peace we’ve made

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