Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'll just skip that show about predatory corpses, but thanks so much for the offer

Hey, the world is pretty scary, you guys. Have you noticed? Pretty effing scary. People are capable of stunning, horrendous cruelty. Terrible, inexplicable things happen all the damn time. For no reason. With no warning. You've seen that, right? It's a thing. I'm not imagining it? Right? Right. OK.

So, look. I have tried, but I really don't understand why people want to watch and read scary, gory, violent stuff for entertainment. Zombies. Hunger Games. Dexter. War. Apocalyptic death matches. Why is that fun, you guys? WHY?

Thanks, but no. I will just sit over here under this rainbow and pet my unicorn and watch my kids chase butterflies while my husband reads me dirty limericks and my dog brings me beers. And, if you get a break between the zombie show and the serial killer show, you can read my column about it in today's Times Free Press.