Saturday, February 25, 2012

The difference

My mother's house. Jim, Mom and I are sitting around the dining room table having lunch when Jack wanders in and says, "Grandma, will you please make me some chocolate milk?"

Grandma: Of course, just let me finish eating.

Me: Jack, you are nearly 12 years old. Make you own chocolate milk. Leave your grandmother alone. Don't be ridiculous.

Jack pouts. I scowl. Jim rolls his eyes.

Grandma: Mary, you aren't old enough to understand this, but I won't get many more chances to make his chocolate milk. In five minutes, he will be gone. It will happen before you even realize it. He will leave us and move away.

Jim: Yeah, and he'll be the only kid in college who doesn't know how to make chocolate milk.

Neat trick, kid. Now make a sandwich.

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