Sunday, February 9, 2014

We all need a little more nothing

Hey friend, how've you been? Busy. Yeah, I know. But it's no good. Knock it off. Just stop. 

No, look. I get it. Work that comes on like an avalanche, family and friends who need your time and attention, workouts that get cut short and houses that need maintaining and errands that need running and the heat went out during a snowstorm and holy crap I forgot the kid's parent/teacher conference and now I'm driving too fast to get there and oooooh wait, I think I may have booked a meeting over this so which of these commitments am I ditching?

I get it. I promise, no one gets it better than I get it. But enough. Stop. Just. Stop. Stop and read this column.

And then please go do nothing for a little while.

Nothing to do, nowhere to be.