Sunday, November 18, 2012

It is possible that I do some whining in this column. You don't mind too much, right?

I am here to have a good time, y'all. I am here to play and laugh and jump around and do silly stuff that feels good and makes me and the people around me happy. I am not a particularly spiritual person (understatement alert!) but I have a zealous, near-religious devotion to the idea that we should be having a good time, and if we're not, we should get right on fixing that. Immediately, if not sooner.

That mindset generally makes my life a pretty damn delightful place to be, but it also has an unfortunate side effect: When my fun is thwarted, I become completely impossible. Petulant and impatient and grrrrrrr. 

I may be something of a brat on this topic. (Understatement alert again!)

And sometimes fun gets thwarted. Shit happens, as they so poetically say. It happens, and then you have to slog through some boring, unfun stuff to get to the fun stuff on the other side. Feh.

So here are some pictures of something I recently did that was SO MUCH fun, and here is a column that ran in today's Times Free Press that explains why my fun is temporarily on hold.




Half marathon with my friends. Fun!

Crossing the finish line feeling 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Fun!
Brunch after with the coolest people ever. Fun!
I love him. He is so fun!
I love her. She is so fun!

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